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 Types of Examination Questions

 Grammar Topics

 Very short simple summaries

Sample Profile

Sample Profile2

 Travel Info

 Travel Essay

 Interview Questions and Probable Answers

 How to write emails

How to write speeches


 Blog Post

  Character sketch of Hasan

Character sketch of Maggie

Character sketch of Mr Gupta

 Character Sketch of Jope Smith

 His First Flight 

 I Will Fly

 Quest for a Theory of Everything


 And then Gandhi Came 

The Price of Flowers

Death the Leveller 

 Sunrise on the Hills

The Trip of Le Horla 

  Disasters and Disaster Management in India

 The Serang of Ranaganji 

  The Wreck of the Titanic

The Gooseberries 

 To Sleep

 Going Out For A Walk


Is Society Dead? 

Conceptual Fruit


  Reported Speech


 If - Probable Qns

 I Will Fly - Probable Qns

His First Flight - Probable Qns

  Types of Questions

A model Qn Paper and Answer Key




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