I Will Fly - Probable Questions

1.   Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam exhorts the youth to be unique. How can you be unique when everyone wants you to follow others? Write about your vision. Answer in about 80 words [Score: 4] [March 2020]

2.  In the poem, 'I Will Fly' Kalam says,  'I am born with potential, I am born with goodness and trust.'  How can you train yourself to be confident in times of adversity? [Score: 4] [December 2020]

3.  The boy who raised the question in 'I Will Fly' discovers a new path in life after his encounter with A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. He writes a letter to his friend describing the impact of Kalam's words on him and the changes that have come in his character. Draft the letter for the boy. Answer in about 80 words [Score: 6] [March 2019]

4.  The boy who raised doubts regarding his future at the inauguration of sasthrayaan feels happy that he got an opportunity.to ask a question to A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. He sends an e-mail to his friend expressing his excitement and happiness over this achievement. Write the likely e-mail. Answer in about one page. [Score: 6] [July 2018]

5.  The literary club of your school has decided to celebrate Dr Kalam's birthday as World Students' Day.  In connection with the celebrations, the club is conducting an oratory training programme for higher secondary students to develop their skill and eloquence in public speaking.  You, being the secretary of the club, are asked to deliver a speech to motivate them.  Draft the script of the speech you would like to deliver there in the light of your reading the story, 'His First Flight'.  [Score: 8] [March 2017]

6.  In 'I Will Fly' you have met a nervous boy from a remote village who asked Dr APJ Abdul Kalam a question.  Imagine that the boy sends a letter to his friend describing the incident.  Here is an excerpt from the letter.  Complete it.

Meeting Dr Abdul Kalam was really a wonderful experience.  Now, I feel very confident.  He said, 'If ............. you will succeed".  His words ignited my mind.  If I had not attended the meeting I ....... [Score: 2] [March 2016]

7.  The following information is about the famous person, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam.  Prepare a  profile of him.

Birth            :    15 October 1931, Rameswaram, Tamil Ndu.

Education    :    Specialized in Aeroengineering from Madras Institute of Technology.

Career         :    Joined DRDO in 1958 and ISRO in 1963.  Was Principal Scientific Advisor to Govt of                             India.  Scientific Advisor to Defence Ministry.  11th President of India (2002-2007)

Awards        :    Padmabhushan in 1981, Padmavibhushan in 1990, Bharat Ratna in 1997

[Score: 5] [March 2015]

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