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In her speech Christine Lagarde talks about the importance of women empowerment and the ways to achieve this goal.  She begins the speech by stressing the role of women in the modern world.  Women have great potential.  But they are denied the opportunity to contribute their potential for the benefit of the entire human race.

There are three ways in which we can open the doors of opportunity for women.  She calls them the three Ls.  They are, Learning, labour and Leadership.

Learning or education is the foundation on which any change is built.  Learning helps women to help themselves.  Women’s education has a wider and stronger impact than the education of men.  It is especially so in the developing world.

Labour or employment is the second step to help women achieve their true potential.  Now they face many problems like unequal wages, low payments, low job security and exclusion from high status jobs.  If women participate in economic activity, it is good, not just for women, but for the entire nation.  Women’s economic participation can increase per capita income.  In order to give more opportunity for women in the workplace, changes in laws and policies may become necessary.

The third aspect is leadership.  More women should come to leadership positions.  They should be a part of decision making bodies.  Women are actually as good or even better leaders as compared to men.  They take decisions based on consensus building, inclusion and compassion.

If we make a world where women can meet their potential, the world will benefit from it.  Lagarde ends her speech by saying that if women dare the difference, there will be difference in the society and this difference will deliver results.

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