3Ls of Empowerment - Probable Questions

Sample Questions:

1. Prepare the script of a speech to be made during a meeting in your school, celebrating International Women's Day.
2. Prepare an article for a magazine about the education of women in our country.
3. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper about the poor condition of public toilets in our cities and how it affects women.
4. Write a blog entry about the role of education in empowering women.
5. Imagine that you are a panelist in a panel discussion about women empowerment.  Write the script of your presentation about why women should come out of their comfort zones.
6. Women led nations like New Zealand, Germany, Denmark, Norway and Finland are said to be doing better with Covid-19.  In this context write a paragraph about the statement "...when women lead they tend to do as good a job as others, if not a better job."
7. “Women sometimes lack confidence to match their competence.” Comment on the statement in a paragraph.

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