Interview Questions and Probable Answers - Higher Secondary English Examinations

A repeatedly asked question in the higher secondary English examination is to prepare a set of questions to interview a famous person.  Sometimes you are asked to write the probable answers also.  First you have to read the question thoroughly and check the score for the question.  If you are asked to write the questions alone, do not waste your time writing the answers also.

Make sure you ask meaningful questions related to the work or achievements of the person.  Sometimes students who are very weak in their English by heart some stock questions that can be applicable for any person.  Below are some such questions.  If you are capable of framing your own questions based on the situation, don't go for the stock question


Some Stock Questions

How did you get interested in this field?

What were the difficulties you faced initially?

How did you overcome those difficulties?

Who inspired you the most in this field?

What is your message to the younger generation?

When you write imaginary answers for your interview questions do not worry too much about factual accuracy.  Go with general statements and opinions.

Sample question and answer.

Qn: Prepare a set of three questions to interview Dr A P J Abdul Kalam.  Write the probable answers also.

i) Sir, how was your experience in the field of space technology?

It was very good. I could participate in developing the first space launch vehicle which has led to many launches and fulfillment of Prof. Vikram Sarabhai's vision of the country's ability to develop any type of satellite and launch it from Indian soil in different orbits. 

ii) What is the biggest challenge facing India today and what should we do to contribute positively towards this challenge?

The youth needs to develop an attitude: I can do it! We can do it !! India will do it!!! 

iii) What is the secret of success in your life?

Have an aim in life, acquire knowledge through all possible sources, work hard and never accept defeat by the problem, always defeat the problem and succeed. 

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