A Short Character Sketch of Jope Smith

Madge Jope Smith is a first class passenger of the ship Ranaganji.  She is a thrusting person who is both snobbish and insensitive.  She makes a prejudiced remark about Hasan when she first spots him.  She calls Hasan an absurd creature, deceived by appearance alone.  She is a leader of social gatherings and activities on the ship.  Her companion Ronnie also makes jokes about the appearance of Hasan.  She is addressed as the huntress of Cheltenham.  She is also an absolute bore according to the narrator. She is pretentious and always tries to look younger than she actually is.  With her final remark which she considers witty, she makes a total fool of herself by revealing her ignorance and insensitivity.  She teaches a great lesson in the story, that is, not to judge people by their appearance.

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