How to Write Emails in Higher Secondary English Examinations

This is a very simple format that you can follow in examinations.  Write the following in the given order.

To: Email Id of the recepient

Sub:  A subject line for both formal and informal mails


For salutation just follow the conventions of formal letters and informal letters.  In formal letters you can use "Sir / Madam" or "Dear Mr John" depending on the situation.  In informal mail you can use "Dear Anamika".  Avoid using "Dear friend", "Dear father" etc.  You never call your friend 'friend'.

Closing phrase / Conclusion

It depends on the salutation.  If you use a name in the salutation use 'Yours sincerely,'  If you use Sir/Madam use 'Yours faithfully,'

You cannot put your signature.   Write your name. 

Your's is wrong. Yours is right.

You need not write the date anywhere as the email system will automatically attach the timestamp.

Download a sample Email in PDF format


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