How to write a blog post for Higher Secondary English Examination

There is nothing much to worry about the format of a blog.  Simply write the title of the blog, date and a couple of paragraphs.



After reading the anecdote Horegallu you realize the need of Horegallus in this busy world of today. Keeping this in mind you have decided to begin a blog. Prepare a post for the blog

Sample Answer:


Why we need someone to talk to.

12 December 2021

When a home appliance breaks down, either we have some tools to fix it or we call someone to do it for us.  Emotions on the other hand are a little harder to fix.  The best tool here is to talk to someone else.  Just speaking about our feelings to another person can help.  Research has shown that putting feelings into words can diminish the stress levels.  But the problem is that we have to get the right people to talk to.  They have to be cheerful, understanding, sympathetic, non judgemental and above all, people who can keep our secrets.  It is a difficult task to find such people.  But we can try to become such people so that others can approach us confidently with their problems.  If we can be a 'horegallu' for at least one person, our lives will be that much more worthy.

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