Blurb - What it is, How to write one, and a Sample Blurb.

Blurb is a short description of a book written usually on the back cover by the producers of the book to grab the attention of the readers or buyers. 

If you look at different book covers you see different styles of blurbs.  There are no  hard and fast rules about how to write a blurb, but it should give an idea about the content of the book.   From the higher secondary examination point of view let us make a template which is safe to follow.

Title of the Book

Genre / What kind of a work it is

A tagline (Optional)


A short summary in a paragraph or two

Some quotes about the book, or from the book

Publisher's name





Qn: Prepare a blurb for a collection of your poems on the theme of 'women empowerment.'


Women Speak

A Collection of Poems

Manu Mohan

Winner of Kerala Sahitya Akademy Award 2019

Women empowerment is not the responsibility of women alone.  It is a necessity for the progress of the society and the nation at large.  The first step towards achieving that goal is to sensitize people about the present state of affairs and the long term goal.  Manu Mohan, through this collection of poems does exactly that.  After going through these poems, we will not be able to hold the same view as we had before.  His poems call our attention to the subtle prejudices that we carry within ourselves. All the thirty poems included in this collection are unique and we will not find anything repetitive.

"This book is both entertaining and educating.  Moreover, it has the potential to transform your thoughts and actions"     -Sarah Joseph

D C Books

Price Rs 200


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