Some Questions on Women Empowerment and Points for Answering Them

Qn. The role of educated empowered women in building a strong nation.

Family is the basic unit of society
Women play key role in family, bringing up children
Woman is an architect of society
Her socio economic and political status is an indicator of the health of the state

The principle of gender equality has been incorporated in the preamble of our constitution
73rd and 74th amendments to the constitution have provided reservation for women in local bodies
National commission for women is working from 1990
Desired goals have still to be achieved
Women have to be politically empowered to achieve socio economic justice
They need better share in political power
Women reservation bill is not passed by parliament for so many years

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world

Qn. The role of learning labour and leadership in making a woman liberated.

Learning, labour and leadership play a major role in empowering women.  Education is the foundation of all major changes in society.  Through education, women get the confidence to achieve the success they deserve.  Education helps them to take informed decisions.  Employment makes women self reliant.  Self reliance is the basis of empowerment.  It gives them financial freedom and courage to question inequalities instead of silently suffering.  Leadership can change the entire landscape for women. When women get to decide they make decisions based on inclusiveness, compassion and sustainability.  This is good for the society as a whole.

Qn. "Women should step outside their comfort zones." Discuss.

Change is possible only when we confront injustice with courage.  If women continue to hold on to the patriarchal norms of certain societies, they will continue to suffer.  They should be able to come out of their comfort zones and start questioning the inequalities.  Giving too much importance to their self image or image of their families, they will not be able to dare the difference. Even though it is a little uncomfortable, women should take the initiative to boldly challenge all the inequalities and injustices against them.

Qn. "Women sometimes lack confidence to match their competence." Comment on the statement. 

Women have immense potential in them to excel in all walks of life.  But all of them are not actually aware of their abilities and possibilities.  This is a result of centuries of subjugation.  Women should take cues from the success stories of other women which are available in plenty these days. From political leaders, economists, scientists, astronomers, doctors, lawyers to heavy vehicle drivers, women have proved their talents in all fields.  This should inspire those who are still not confident.

Qn. How can we build self-confidence in women?

By giving them equal opportunities in education, employment and wages
By ensuring their safety in public places and domestic space
By enforcing strict laws to prevent harassment
By bringing women to leadership positions and decision making bodies
By ensuring that inheritance laws do not discriminate against women
By bringing gender equality in language and culture
By giving them financial freedom
By making them self reliant
By helping them to come out of their comfort zones

Qn. What are some of the issues faced by women in our present society that challenge them in achieving empowerment?

Unequal pay / wages
Lack of opportunities in education
Disparity in employment opportunities
Domestic violence
Social violence
Rape and kidnapping
Not enough participation in decision making
Declining ratio between male and female child
Cost of education
Cost of marriage
Male dominated political parties
No top positions in administration and politics
Women's representation in Lok Sabha was a record in 2019 but it was just 14%
Female feticide

Qn. Explain the African adage "If you educate a boy... "

This African adage underscores the significance of women's education in the context of men predominating educational opportunities.  Educated women can make informed decisions and much better choice.  They can make a better home, village, society and nation.  Educated women influence their children and family in a very positive way.  So they will have a larger indirect impact on the society.  Every community can reach its full potential only if their women are educated.

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