Amigo Brothers by Piri Thomas - Summary / Review

“Amigo Brothers” by Piri Thomas is a short story about true friendship.  It is difficult for people to engage in healthy competition and at the same time maintain a warm relationship.  But the story proves that it is quite possible.

Antonio Cruz and Felix Vargas were seventeen year old boys whose friendship was so strong that they felt themselves to be brothers.  Both had the same dream of becoming a light weight champion of the world in boxing.  Both were dedicated towards that goal and worked so hard for it.

To represent the Boys Club in the Golden Gloves Championship Tournament, they had to fight each other.  They decided to fight like strangers and after the fight to continue to be friends as before. They decided not to meet each other till the day of the fight.

On the day of the fight, Tompkins Square Park, where the fight was taking place, filled with people as they were curious to see how these amigo brothers were going to fight.  But as the fight began they forgot everything about their friendship and started fighting ferociously.  The spectators even got frightened seeing their savagery.  It was a neck and neck competition.

When the fight was over, the announcer turned to point to the winner but Antonio and Felix were not there.  They had left the ring arm in arm.  Whatever be the decision of the referee, they knew that they would always be champions to each other.

To the present world which is highly competitive, this story is sending a very positive message.  It shows us what true sportsman spirit is.  The story also inspires us by the example of the amigo brothers who had a clearly defined goal in their lives and who worked so consistently for achieving that goal.  It also talks about the value of friendship.


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