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Travel Essay, Kerala Higher Secondary Plus One Plus Two Model Answers
An Exciting Day on a Hoseboat in Kuttanad

Amidst the joys and laughter of our close-knit family, the yearly gathering, which had been disrupted for a while due to various reasons, was back on track. This time, it was the celebration of our parents' twenty-fifth wedding anniversary that brought us together, prompting us to embark on a unique adventure – a day cruise on a luxurious houseboat in Alappuzha.

Months in advance, we had secured our booking for the splendid houseboat experience. The anticipation of a carefree day on the serene waters of Alappuzha filled us with excitement.

The day began with us arriving at the houseboat terminal at a leisurely 10:30 am. Welcomed by the friendly boat staff, we were handed refreshing welcome drinks as the crew hustled in the kitchen, preparing a feast for our celebratory lunch. Starting by 11 am, the captain took a moment to brief us on the ins and outs of our houseboat cruise.

As we glided into the expansive Vembanad lake, a gentle cool breeze enveloped us. The lake was dotted with a myriad of houseboats, each with its unique size and shape. Fellow tourists on other boats waved enthusiastically as we exchanged smiles and greetings. The picturesque surroundings included vast paddy fields on either side of the lake, a peculiar sight as these fields were located below sea level. It was a great experience sitting on a houseboat, high above the dry paddy fields which were at least two meters below the water level.

Noontime brought a delicious Kerala meal, complete with fried fish and an array of flavorful curries. Between bites, we explored the boat's rooms and deck, with the added delight of being allowed to take the wheel for a brief period. The enchanting beauty of Alappuzha and Kuttanad unfolded before us, and we relished every moment. Our parents' anniversary was celebrated in style with a cake-cutting ceremony on board.

Overall, it was an extraordinary experience. As we got down from the houseboat after the cruise, the air was filled with excitement and satisfaction. Conversations buzzed with anticipation for the next family adventure, with everyone eagerly asking when we could plan the next trip on a houseboat. The charm of Alappuzha and Kuttanad remained as captivating as ever, leaving us with cherished memories and a promise for future escapades.


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