Unit 1 

(Page numbers in the text book are given in brackets)

Glimpses of Greatness

  • His First Flight

  • I will Fly

  • Quest for a Theory of Everything
    • Cohesive devices (p.27)(p.36)
    • Collocations (p.29)
  • If
    • Conditional clauses (p.33)

Unit 2

Words and Deeds
  • And then Gandhi Came
    • Concord /Agreement (p.48)
      • Choose the alternative from the given choice
      • Correct the sentences
    • Identify parts of speech (usually not asked in the examinations)(p.50)
  • The Price of Flowers
    • Reported speech (p.65)
  • Death the Leveller
    • Figures of speech (p.69)
      • Identify the figures of speech in a given line

Unit 3

Beyond the Horizon
  • Sunrise of the Hills
    • Different types of imagery (p.77)
  • The Trip of Le Horla
    • Degrees of Comparison (Positive, Comparative, Superlative)(p.88)
    • Progressive tenses (Continuous tenses)(p.89)
    • Simple Present Tense (p.90)
  • The Sacred Turtles of  Kadavu
    • Requesting, offering, asking, granting, refusing permission etc.(p.97)
      • Write sentences for the above situations.

Unit 4

Braving the Hazards
  • Disasters and Disaster Management in India
    • Exploring roots of words (Not asked in examinations)(p.109)
    • One word from the given meaning (Crossword puzzle) (p.110)(Not for exam)
  • The Serang of Ranaganji
    • Past participle as adjective (Not asked in examinations) (p.120)
    • Adverbs of frequency (p.121)
    • Inversion with negative adverbs (p.121)
    • Passive voice (p.122)
  • The Wreck of the Titanic

Unit 5

Harmony of Life
  • Gooseberries
    • 'Wh' interrogatives (p.142)
    • Reported Questions (p.143)
    • Frame questions to get the underlined words as answer (p.143)
    • Exclamations - converting assertive to exclamatory and vice versa (p.144)
  • To Sleep
  • Going Out for a Walk

Unit 6

Leaps and Bounds
  • The Cyberspace
  • Is Society Dead?
  • Conceptual Fruit