Conceptual Fruit by Thaisa Frank - Summary and Analysis

Conceptual Fruit by Thaisa Frank is a touching story of a differently abled girl, Greta and her family.  The story shows us how technology can become an enabler and leveller by giving a helping hand to such people.  It shows the human face of technology that helps a young girl to shape the world around her.

Greta's father is concerned about her future.  When he discovers that there are virtual places on the internet where people can realise their dreams, the family is not very excited.  The mother is tired after working in front of a computer the whole day.  The brother already knows everything about it and has grown past it.  

Sitting with Greta the father creates a house with many rooms and fruits on the table.  But Greta really doesn't get the idea.  She is expecting real fruits but she gets only the picture of the fruits on the computer.  Soon she slips out of her chair and joins her mother in the gardern.

Her father thinks about the group house where she will have to live in future.  He hopes that the house would be large and to her liking.  He hopes that there would be everything Greta wanted.


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