Types of Examination Questions Associated with the Lessons of Class XI (Plus One) - At a Glance

Unit 1 

Glimpses of Greatness

  • His First Flight
    • Review of a story (Sample Review)
    • Preparing a list of points
    • Fill up the missing points (in a tree diagram or something similar)
  • I will Fly
    • Prepare the script of a speech / Write a speech (How to)
    • Email (How to)
  • Quest for a Theory of Everything
    • Write a paragraph (Your views, or assessment of some topic related to the text)
    • Write a profile (Short biographical sketch)
    • Interview (Questions alone or both questions and probable answers)
    • Speech
    • Group Discussion (Present  your arguments on a given topic)
  • If
    • Identify the poetic form, figures of speech, poetic structure
    • Identify figurative expressions (metaphoric expressions, personification etc) from the poem
    • Write about the symbols used in the poem
    • Write an appreciation of a poem (studied or unseen)
  • Extended Activities
    • Write an article for a magazine (School magazine, or any other publication)

Unit 2

Words and Deeds
  • And then Gandhi Came
    • Note Making
    • Write a paragraph (textual question)
    • Speech
    • Group discussion
    • Letter to the editor
  • The Price of Flowers
    • Significance of the title
    • Suggest an alternative title
    • Character sketches
    • Write-up (About your opinions or views)
    • Informal Letter
    • Critical review of the story
  • Death the Leveller
    • Elaborate the idea in the given lines
    • Identify the figure of speech
    • Pick out examples of figures of speech
    • Discuss the poetic effect of figures of speech
    • Identify the rhyme scheme
    • Write an appreciation of the poem

Unit 3

Beyond the Horizon
  • Sunrise of the Hills
    • Musical quality, symbols, figures of speech
    • Appreciation of the poem
    • Different types of imagery (Visual, auditory, kineshtetic)
  • The Trip of Le Horla
    • List the qualities of a leader
    • Live TV report
    • Dos and Don'ts 
    • Narration (Point of view)
    • Change of point of view
    • Travel essay
  • The Sacred Turtles of  Kadavu
    • Debate points
    • Travel brochure
    • Write - up (About a ritual or local legend)
    • Travel info
    • Conversation (e.g. conversation with a travel agent)
    • Introductory speech (of a tour guide etc.)

Unit 4

Braving the Hazards
  • Disasters and Disaster Management in India
    • Note making
    • Precis
    • Newspaper report
  • The Serang of Ranaganji
    • Formal letter
    • Speech
    • Role-play
  • The Wreck of the Titanic
    • Your reflection, narration about examples of supreme sacrifice
    • Appreciation
    • Newspaper report

Unit 5

Harmony of Life
  • Gooseberries
    • Write about the symbols used in the story
    • Review
    • Write-up on a statement taken from the text
    • Debate
    • Seminar paper
  • To Sleep
    • Sonnet
    • Poetic devices
    • Critical appreciation
    • General question about unhealthy habits / importance of sleep
  • Going Out for a Walk
    • Write up on walking / exercise your preferences
    • Personal essay
    • Survey
    • Survey questionnaire
    • Survey report 
  •  Extended Activities
    • General topic - importance of physical education
    • Speech - healthy habits, lifestyle (junk food etc)
    • Role play
    • Essay - your idea of a happy life
    • Comparative analysis of poems

Unit 6

Leaps and Bounds
  • The Cyberspace
    • Article for school magazine (misuse of cyberspace)
    • Email
    • Invitation email
  • Is Society Dead?
    • Identify facts and opinions
    • Short essay (Benefits of technology)
  • Conceptual Fruit
    • Analysis / Review of a story (Character, setting, plot, mood, language)
    • Short paragraph (Is 'Conceptual Fruit' a tech story)
    • Character sketches
    • Write an alternative ending to the story
    • Convert the story to a text message, email, post on social network
  • Extended activitis
    • Social media post
    • Blog
    • Application letter and CV
    • Telephone interview
    • Write-up on 'Why do you want this job?' in a job application 

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