How to write speeches in Kerala Higher Secondary English examinations

Published answer keys of Kerala Higher Secondary English examinations show the criteria for evaluating a written speech as follows.

Max score 8

• Comprehensiveness of the content (3) 

• Organisation of ideas (2) 

• Quality of language (2) 

• Format of speech (1)

Comprehensiveness - include all the relevant points related to the topic

When you get a topic you should first plan the answer on a portion of your answer sheet marked 'rough work'. Think about all the relevant points related to that topic and list them.  While answering, write the most important ones first and less important ones later.  If you have too many points, keep an eye on the word limit.  If you come up with too little points, try to expand each one with examples and explanations.  Try to use quotations or statistics to prove your point convincingly.

Organisation -  arrange all the points in an orderly fashion

Arrange the thought units into different paragraphs.  The points should follow a logical sequence.  There should be an introduction, expansion or explanation, a call for action if it is relevant and a conclusion.

Quality of language -  make sure that there are no grammar and spelling mistakes

Language of your speech need not be flowery.  Use simple language with short sentences.  Check for spelling and grammar mistakes.  Use cohesive devices to give unity and flow to the speech.

Format of speech - write in a proper speech format

Depending on the type of speech you have to follow the speech conventions.  Welcome speech, presidential address, vote of thanks, felicitations etc have different intentions.  Start the speech with salutation.  You can use a quote before or immediately after the salutation.  Introduce the topic in a few sentences.  Conclude the speech with a call for action or a clinching statement. End the speech with 'Thank you.'

Sample salutation

Respected principal, teachers and my dear friends,

Good morning to one and all.  Today I would like to talk to you about...

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