Quick revision for model exam

Cohesive devices (p.27)(p.36)
Collocations (p.29)
Concord /Agreement (p.48)
Reported speech (p.65)
Conditionals (p.33)
Figures of speech (p.69)
Requesting, offering, asking, granting, refusing permission etc.(p.97)
Passive voice (p.122)

Types of Qns
Write a review of a story (His First flight)
Prepare a speech (I Will Fly)(How to write a speech)
Write an Email (I Will Fly)
Interview Qns / Qns and answers
Article for a magazine
Letter to the editor / Formal letter
Informal letter (Price of flowers)
Significance of the title (Price of flowers) Check the second last paragraph
Character sketches ( Maggie, Mr Gupta, Hasan, Jope Smith, Dr A J Cronin)
Write - up (Write as a paragraph)
Appreciation of an unseen poem.
Live TV Report
Travel essay
Debate points
Introductory talk by a tour guide
Conversation (with a travel agent)
Precis (Reduce a paragraph to one third of its length)
Comprehension qns from unseen paragraph
News paper report
General qn about misuse of cyberspace / addiction to technology
Blog post

General Topics
Value of time
Stoic attitude
Relevance of Gandhian ideas
Poor suffer everywhere
Death - doing good in life
Atrocities against women
Disaster management
Pandemic (Serang)
Health and happiness
Scocial media / cyberspace / technology

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