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1.  Jawaharlal Nehru

2.  The working of people's minds

3.  Simile

4.  He emerged from the ordinary millions and he was speaking their language.

5.  Subsequently

6.  Whereas

7.  Are, Strikes

8. Maggie asked Mr Gupta whether he was leaving that day.  He answered in the affirmative and said that that day was the day of his departure.  She further asked how long it would take him to reach his country.  He replied that it would take a little more than two weeks.

9.  I was not learned - I had not learned

    My expression must have alters visibly - My expression must have altered visibly

    Serang says nothing - serang said nothing

    Lined and battering - lined and battered

10.  Pre-requisite

11.  From the global experience we learn that if an effective vaccine is available, it must be administered irrespective of age

12.  Expert advise is that schools can be opened in a staggered fashion.

13.  However, Because, Rather than 

14.  Given word count is roughly 150.  The new paragraph should have about 50 words.  Here is a sample answer.

Our Vaccination Policy

The globally accepted practice is to vaccinate people irrespective of age.  Vaccines are effective in reducing the impact of covid.  Vaccinating children to open up schools will have an impact on adult vaccination.  Instead of following the West blindly, we should develop a policy that is best for our population.

15.  The ritual followed by the women of Namuana even today is Turtle calling (write in one or two sentences)

16.  Sceptre and Crown stand for powerful people.  So the figure of speech is Metonymy.

17.  When Mrs Clifford asked Mr Gupta to look into the crystal in the ring to see how Frank is doing.

18.  Gandhiji's exhortation was to fight against the foreign rule and to fight against our own social evil.

19.  Write an appropriate answer expressing your views. Use the following hints.

  • treat them equally
  • Do not be overjoyed in success and too depressed in failures
  • They are imposters.  Only time will tell if they were really successes or failures

20.  Use the following hints

  • He realized that there were a lot of worthwhile things to do once his condition was diagnosed.  
  • Started enjoying life in the present.  
  • Took the support from his friends and family... Any such appropriate points.

21.   Use the following hints

  • Destroys self respect
  • Each individual is different (abilities and talents)
  • It is important to know our potential 
  • Sense of fulfillment and satisfaction only in being unique

22.  Begin like...  I was sitting alone on the ledge.  All my brothers and sister had flown away.  But I was really afraid to make my first flight ....

23. Sample Answer

24.  Use the following hints

  • Narrate the part of the story where Maggie gives one shilling
  • The value of the money is in the sacrifice involved
  • These flowers that Mr Gupta is going to place on Frank's grave are priceless.


321 Peace Lane

M G Road

Cochin -1


31 July 2021


The Editor

The New Indian Express





Students are facing a host of emotional and psychological issues in these difficult times.  Parents and teachers should understand that each individual is different in aspirations and potential.  There is no meaning in forcing students to follow a route that is considered glamorous by the general public.  The elders should show the maturity to stop comparing students.  As Dr A P J Abdul Kalam has said, it is a difficult battle to be unique.  Everyone is forcing the youngsters to be like someone else.  If this madness ends, we will be able to form healthy citizens.


Yours truly


Manu Mohan

26.  Use the following hints

  • Give a suitable title
  • Give the author's name
  • Immoral and violent content
  • Intimidating people online
  • Data theft
  • Using malware and spyware
  • Wasting time on meaningless entertainment
  • Financial fraud

27.  Write a catchy title and write about the sights, sounds, experience, food, history, culture etc of the place.  Use "The Trip of Le Horla" as a model.

28.  Character sketch of Hasan

29.  Review of 'His First Flight'

30.  Email


Sub:  A word of appreciation from a fellow passenger

Dear Hasan,

I came to know about what happened on board the ship only after I reached Calcutta.  I had a chat over the phone with the ship's doctor a few days later.  It is he who told me the entire story.  I was moved by the selfless service you rendered on the ship.

I am really ashamed to admit that I had been really prejudiced in my attitude and remarks.  I feel terribly sorry for my callous behaviour.  It is people like you who make human life worthwhile.  I am looking forward to meeting you on our return journey.

Yours sincerely

Jope Smith

31.  Newspaper report

The Most Luxurious Ship Sinks in the Atlantic

From our own correspondent

London:  In a most shocking tragedy in the recent history of shipwrecks, the grand ship Titanic sank to the bottom of the Atlantic on 15 April.  Among the estimated 2224 crew and passengers, nearly 1500 died in the ice cold water.

Titanic was the largest and the grandest ship to date and was on its maiden voyage to New York from Southampton.  The ship was under the command of Captain Smith.  He along with most of the crew sacrificed their lives to save the women and children aboard.

It is reported that there were not enough life boats on the ship as the owners of the ship believed that the ship was unsinkable.  At 11.40 pm the ship struck an iceberg.  The collision caused cracks on the starboard and the ship broke in to two pieces and sank completely by 2.20 am.

When the Cunard liner Carpathia arrived, they could rescue only 710 survivors.  This ship reached New York three days after the incident.  Details about the tragedy is yet to be gathered from the survivors.

32.  Blog post should have a title and a date.  Include details about some recent incidents related to the topic.  End with a call for action.

33.  There are many local legends associated with temples, churches and mosques.  If you don't get any idea you may write about the legend of Onam.

34.  Character sketch of Maggie

35.  Write in the format of the informal letter

36.  Write just like the blog post

37.  Write a title and divide the editorial into different paragraphs.

38. Hints

  • Gandhian ideologies are everlasting
  • Truth
  • Nonviolence
  • Satyagraha (nonviolent protest)
  • Sarvodaya (uplift  of all)
  • Self reliance
  • Fight against social evils
  • Live in harmony with all religions and thoughts
  • Unity in diversity etc

39.  Use the format of the speech.  Use ideas from the character sketch of Hasan

40.  The given poem speaks about the value of life, and the importance of being compassionate to others while there is still time.  It also indicates the fleeting nature of life.  The poem can be compared to 'Death the Leveller.'