How to Write Letters in the Higher Secondary English Examinations - Informal Letters

Informal Letter

Informal letters are written to friends, family, relatives and close acquaintances.

Just like the formal letter the format of the letter should be easily readable.  So, try to start the answer on a new page and if possible finish on the same page.  Avoid over writing and present it as neatly as possible.

From address

Write from address without name in the top right corner of the page.  Do not write the word 'From'. You will write your name at the end of the letter.


Write date in expanded form (30 January 2021) below the address after leaving one blank line in the right side itself.

To address

Unlike the formal letter, the letter should not contain a 'To address' inside the letter.


Dear Manoj,

Dear Dad,

Use the word or name that you usually use to address the person.  Avoid 'Dear Friend', 'Dear Father' etc.  We do not usually address people that way.

Body of the letter

Informal letters can be longer than formal ones depending on the topic.  Do not get to the point straightaway.  Use some pleasantries.  Divide the body into a few paragraphs. Come to the given topic in the second or third paragraph.  Language can be casual but from the examination point of view, do not make it too casual.

Closing phrase / Conclusion

Use  'Yours sincerely,'  

You may also use 'With love,' or 'With best wishes,' depending on the situation.

Your's is wrong. Yours is right.


A sample informal letter is given below.

Qn. Imagine that Mr Gupta writes a letter to Maggie after visiting the grave of Frank.  Write the letter.

Download PDF Sample Informal Letter



301 Civil Servants Cottage




03 August 2021


Dear Maggie,

I arrived in India two weeks ago.  The journey was pleasant.  I had to join the civil service immediately and I was caught up in some formalities.  That was why it took so long to write to you.  Also, I thought I would visit your brother’s grave before writing to you.

Finally, yesterday I got a chance to the North Western frontier.  Some fighting is going on there even now.  But I managed to find out the place with the help of some officials there.  They were all helpful and friendly.  When I visited the Army Camp, I could meet some friends of Frank.  They told me that he was a brave soldier.  He was actually sacrificing his life to save a group of soldiers from enemy attack.  Frank is regarded as a hero here.

I remembered you when I stood before the grave.  As you said, I had bought some flowers with the money you had given me.  I placed them on his grave and prayed for his soul.  

Hope your mother remains healthy.  May god give her the strength to cope with the loss.  I remember you both in my prayers.  Hope to meet to the next time I come to London.


 Yours sincerely,

 (sign here)


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