'A silent listener can become a soothing friend.' Explain this statement in the light of the anecdote 'Horegallu' by Sudha Murthy.
Score: 4
March 2020

“God has given me two ears to listen to others. I hear them out with sympathy and without any judgment. When a person in trouble or under a lot of strain finds an outlet for his worries, it relieves half his burden.”
These words of Ratna inspired Sudha Murty. She wants to report Ratna’s words, to her own children. Write down the report.
Score: 6
March 2018

In the anecdote ‘Horegallu’, Sudha Murty asks Ratna how she could solve the troubles of so many people by just listening to them. Do you think mere listening can solve problems ? Write your opinion in a paragraph.

Score: 4
March 2021