Crime and Punishment - R K Narayan - Previous Years' Questions


"You must never set up any sort of contrariness or repression in the child's mind," declared the parents. "You will damage him for life. It no doubt requires a lot of discipline on our part, but it is worth it," they declared primly. "'We shall be bringing up a healthy citizen."
1. Find out the word in the passage which means 'suppressing a thought or desire'.
2. Who according to the parents, need to be disciplined?
3. Do you support the parents' view? Give one reason to substantiate your view.
4. Why did the parents say, 'it is worth it'?
Score 4x1=4
March 2020

Bring out the suitability of the title 'Crime and Punishment.'
(Hints: Over protection leads to indiscipline - over punishment leads to indifference.)
Score: 4
March 2020

Your class is conducting a group discussion on the topic ‘Discipline at home and in the school creates good citizens’. As the first presenter of the topic write your script for the presentation.
Score: 4
March 2018

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