When a Sapling is Planted - Previous Years' Questions

What is the challenge raised by Wangari Maathai in her acceptance speech at Oslo ?
Score: 2
June 2023

Mention any two do’s and two don’ts to save our environment.
Score: 2
June 2023

"Today we are faced with a challenge that calls for a shift in our thinking so that humanity stops threatening its life support systems," says Wangari Maathai. The floods in 2018 and this years' landslides give us the same message. Draft a speech about Environmental Disruption and the need to have a shift in human approach.

Score: 8
March 2020

Your class is conducting a debate on the topic. ‘Nature conservation is more important than development.’ Write four arguments either in favour of or opposing the topic.

Score: 4
March 2018

Study the poster given below:
Now, write an essay on ‘Co-existence of man and nature for sustainable living’ in about 150 words.

Challenges                  Solutions
Contaminated water    Preserve Mangroves
Plastic                          Project marine life
Industrial waste          Reduce Reuse Recycle
Deforestation              Conserve wild-life
Development projects        Respect the earth
Noise pollution                  Obey environment protection laws

Score: 8
March 2018 

Your class is conducting a debate on the topic ‘Environmental conservation is more important than Economic growth’. Write four arguments in favour of or against the topic. 

Score: 4
March 2021

Wangari Maathai is the first African woman to receive the Nobel Prize for Peace.
Prepare a profile using the hints given below.
 Born : 1 April, 1940, Kenya
 Founder : Green Belt Movement
 Environmental activist, Kenyan politician, writer
 Awards : Right Livelihood Award (1984)
 Nobel Peace Prize (2004).
 Contributed to sustainable development, democracy and peace.
Score: 6
March 2021

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