Didi - Previous Years' Questions

“Father my life is in your hands. I want to do something for the children of India, I
don’t know how, only that I must.”
1. Who is ‘I’ in this statement ?
2. Who is addressed as ‘father’ ?
Score: 1 each
June 2023


You get an opportunity to interview Shaheen Mistri. In the light of your reading of 'Didi', prepare four relevant questions to interview her.

Score: 4
March 2020

Shaheen Mistri felt dejected when all the 20 schools in Mumbai refused permission to conduct classes for slum children in their classrooms for 3 hours in the evenings. If you were a friend of Shaheen Mistri how would you offer sympathy and encouragement to her?
Write 3 sentences expressing your sympathy and support for her. You may use expressions like: I am sorry to..., It is unfortunate that... etc
Score: 3
March 2018

A grand function is organized by the authorities of St. Xavier’s College to felicitate the former student, Shaheen Mistri. The Principal himself introduces her to the audience. How would he introduce Shaheen Mistri? Draft the speech for him.
Score: 4
March 2018

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