Matchbox Assignments

1.  A debate is conducted on the topic ‘Marriage becomes a box to women’.  Write four arguments in favour and four against the topic.

2. Write an Editorial for a newspaper on ‘Domestic Violence against Women’.

3.  A great relationship is about two things - first, appreciating the similarities and second, respecting the differences.  How far do you agree with the statement.  Comment your views.

4.  Imagine that Ajit feels guilty over his harshness towards Nomita.  He requests Nomita to forgive him.  How will he ask for forgiveness?  Write three sentences.  You may use the expressions like "Plese forgive..., I regret..., I am extremely..."

5. Why are women compared to matchboxes?

6. What makes Nomita Furious?

7. Write an article on the topic, "Atrocities against women; a serious threat to society".

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