Horegallu - Assignments

1.  Horegallu is a .........
2.  The travelers blessed the horegallu in the village because
    a) It provided them a place to rest
    b) It helped them quench their thirst
    c) They would often meet up with old friends
    d) By resting and venting out their worries they would regain strength to go on with their remaining         journey
3.  Rewrite the sentence given below by substituting the words in italics without any change of meaning.
    Cool water would be kept in earthen pots near the bench.
4.  Identify the figure of speech used in the sentence
    The banyan tree was like a massive umbrella with its branches providing shade and succour to the travelers.
5.  Why did grandfather love to spend hours every day sitting under the tree?
6.  Horegallu gives everyone the opportunity to regain their strength.  What does the author try to indicate here?
7.  How did Ratna remind the author of the old stone bench?
8.  List the qualities of a good listener.
9.  Can we relate grandfather and Ratna to a horegallu? Why?
    Hints: Horegallu -a a brief description, its purpose
    Idea of human horegallu
    Grandfather and Ratna as human horegallus
    Importance of human horegallus in the present world
10. Imagine yourself to be Nomita and narrate your problems to Ratna in about 75 words.
    Hints: I am Nomita
    I come from a poor family.../ I am married to a rich man, Ajit
    Yesterday I had a quarrel with my husband...

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